I Don’t Think You Know What Capitalism Is….

Hannah Cox believes that the single greatest story of human achievement of the past 2,000 years is the dramatic rise in living standards of the past 200. Globally, we have seen an 80% reduction of world poverty in only 36 years as capitalism has spread to more and more countries.

If you’re confused about capitalism – or much more likely – know someone who believes it is evil, watch and share this.

Don’t want to hear about Adam Smith? Skip to 18 minutes in and learn HOW MUCH TAX YOU ARE ACTUALLY PAYING!

Never has a word been more used and less understood. Republicans claim to support capitalism while passing policies that actually harm it. Democrats blame capitalism for problems created by their own government infringements on it. What defines free market policies, what have the results of those policies been historically, and is the United States actually a capitalist society?