Exposed: The Hypocrisy of Woke Corporations

Many corporate critics of Georgia’s new election integrity law are themselves incorporated in the business-friendly state of Delaware, which has several election provisions similar to, or even stricter, than those in Georgia.

Corporations such as Coca-Cola, Google, Cisco and Delta Airlines have criticized Georgia’s voting law as oppressive and discriminatory, arguing that the law —which includes photo ID requirements and new absentee voting restrictions—are an attempt to stifle the vote.

Coke and Delta are headquartered in Georgia, yet they and several of the state’s other critics are legally incorporated in Delaware. Joe Biden’s home state requires voters provide an excuse for voting absentee.

“No-excuse” absentee voting is widely championed by progressive activists as a key provision of establishing a system of permanent, mass voting by mail. Georgia’s law allows for “no-excuse” absentee voting.

The hypocrisy runs deep for these woke corporations.