Love this woman!

Kentucky is home to some great liberty-lovers: Thomas Massie, Rand Paul and now Savannah Maddox, State Representative for Kentucky’s 61st House District.

When asked for her advice to constituents on getting a COVID vaccine she recommended doing whatever you want. No phoney pressure about “you can pass it on” (if you have had the vaccine and have immunity, what do you care about other people who might carry the virus?). No anti-vaxx conspiracy theory. Just – hey, do what’s best for you!

More like her, please!

“I was recently asked by a newspaper in my district if I have any words of advice or comments to share with people who are hesitant to get vaccinated. I’m always grateful for the opportunity to provide my perspective to Kentuckians, regardless of the issue. Here was my response:“Nothing in my job description as an elected official qualifies me to encourage or discourage anyone from receiving a vaccine. I firmly believe that Kentuckians are capable of making good decisions for themselves and their families, and those who wish to receive the vaccine should do so. Those who do not wish to receive a vaccine should not be pressured into doing so by the Beshear Administration, or any other governmental entity.”