Bob Barr’s Law of the Universe #108: No matter how many things government regulates, they can always find one more thing to regulate.

Watch Liberty Guard’s new series, Bob Barr’s Laws of the Universe, where we explore statements of fact through observation during Former Congressman Barr’s tenure in Washington DC.

In the latest episode of Bob Barr’s Laws of the Universe, former Congressman Barr focuses on the Biden’s Administration’s recent moves to regulate “Ghost Guns.”

This is nothing more than a cynical effort to instill fear in the public’s mind about the small number of guns that can be assembled by someone at their home from parts that are completely lawful. The Biden Administration is doing this so that these lawful firearms can be tracked by the ATF.

As we all know, this Administration is dead set to control and limit as many lawful firearms as it can — by law when it has the votes in Congress, and by regulation when it doesn’t. Either way, it chips away at the very foundation of our Second Amendment.