Twitter squealing “Human Rights” when it suits them


US giants in social media run the show here. Loosely grouped as Big Media or Big Tech, they conspire to drive conservative voices from all media sources. Self-Reliance Central was kicked off Twitter last year. I manage to keep us on Facebook by selecting what I post there and crossing my fingers a lot.

You all know that FaceBook has suspended Present Trump for two years and Twitter permanently banned him from their platform.

So, when the shoe is on the other foot we can allow ourselves a smile. Nigeria – not a country noted for its tolerance – has just suspended the entire platform.

And now Twitter is bleating that it’s a human right to access its services.

Cue the peanut gallery!

Senator Cruz had a comment, too.

We are at a perilous moment in history. Technology has allowed Big Tech and Big Media to prosper. Big Government has allied itself with Big Pharma, Big Business and Big Money. How far are we from Big Brother?