BEWARE: Hi-Tech Stalker Trick

Don’t let what happened to this woman happen to you. She doesn’t usually carry a purse so when she got home she emptied it out. And found a Tile. This is a bluetooth tracking device that people usually attach to things they misplace a lot like keys, wallets, toys, pets, kids, and purses. They are small devices, easily concealed, that link to a phone app which shows exactly where they are. In this case, the woman checked and no one in her group had misplaced one. She deduced that it had been planted on her in order to find out where she lived. She immobilized it by removing the battery. But now she knows that someone – and she couldn’t find out who – now knows where she lives.

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DoJ moves on gun owners
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Dear Self Reliant Thinker,

The Department of Justice yesterday unveiled a proposed rule that would apply regulations for rifles, to pistols equipped with a special adaptation.

DOJ Thinks it can Reduce Gun Violence; HINT It Is a Disaster
Always Prepared,
Kelly McCarthy, Founder, Self-Reliance Central
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