WATCH: AI Robots Doing Your Job

Boston Dynamics is a well-known robot manufacturer that builds anything from robots for personal use to corporate robots to factory robots. In this video, we bring you some real-life uses for the firm’s famous robots.

First, there’s Stretch that is specifically designed for smart warehouse automation. Stretch can move up to 800 boxes an hour. The spot is perhaps the most versatile of the company’s robots, doing everything from implementing social distancing in Singapore to collecting data at the Chernobyl nuclear plant to helping doctors treat COVID-19 patients.

Then there’s Spot Arm. With its new arm, Spot can now do mobile manipulation. The robot can pick up trash and clean around the house and can even operate switches and valves. Atlas, on the other hand, is a search and rescue robot that can dance, do backflips, and parkour. The handle can unload trucks and make pallets while Sand Flea, the jumping robot, can help soldiers in surveillance and combat.

Finally, BigDog can work as a pack-mule. It can aid soldiers in carrying gear and can handle payloads of 340 lbs (150 kg). Unfortunately, it was abandoned since it was deemed too loud for combat. Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Do you want to see these everyday robots in action? Then watch our video to see them all.