Gun Buyback Event in New York Scams The Clueless

LOL! Rockland County District Attorney Tom Walsh, in partnership with and co-sponsored by Clarkstown Police Department and the New York State Attorney General held a gun buyback at the East Spring Valley Fire District on June 30, 2021. Just 147 firearms were collected at the event. They bragged that this was 147 “guns off the streets” and “lives would be saved”. Sure guys, all those guns were turned in by crime and felons! You are so pathetic. And to the people who handed them in? What were you thinking?

By FullMagNews

Many Americans leave guns behind when they pass on to the next world, their children and grandchildren inherit these guns and not all of those who receive them know what to do with them. Gun buyback events often take these old rifles, shotguns, and handguns in exchange for petty amounts of cash, gift cards, or in the case of this upcoming event in New York, an IPad.

In Nanuet, New York a gun buyback event will be giving away IPads and gift cards in exchange for guns. When individuals who are clueless when it comes to guns see this they see an opportunity to toss grandpa’s old boomstick away for some money, in many cases “Grandpa’s old boomstick” is worth a great deal more than what authorities are willing to cough up.

From Lohud:

The following firearms will lead to the following dollar amounts, paid out by gift card:

  • Assault rifle: $250
  • Handgun: $150
  • Rifle or shotgun: $75
  • Non-working or antique gun: $25

People who bring in assault rifles and handguns will also receive an iPad on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

The gun or guns must be unloaded and placed in a plastic or paper bag or box. A person can drop off as many firearms as they want unless they are a licensed gun dealer or active or retired law enforcement.

By all means, if you want to discard rifles, shotguns, and handguns that are totally irreparable go ahead but at least take the time to do a little bit of research about what you are handing over.

If you only care about the money you should especially do your research. Almost any WWII-era rifle will sell to a gun store for well over $25 and rifles older than that will go for unfathomable amounts if they are in decent condition and function properly.

If your concern is getting guns you perceive to be dangerous off of the streets then sell them to a collector or to a gun store. If you sell these guns to a gun store the next person who buys them will have to do a background check and all should be good.

Do your research, don’t be the clueless idiot who gets scammed out of serious money over an IPad!