Cool things we found this week

Are these the guys from the Capitol Building kit planning their next move?

We follow everyone on Twitter (who banned SRC) and Facebook – can’t be bothered with the others – but we do collect memes and posts I think you’ll find interesting. From now on, we’re going to post them regularly. This week there was a cool photo from an erupting Mount Etna, a priceless moment for the two princes when England scored a goal in an important soccer match, a reminder that the left likes to cover up its crimes and hide them in the mists of time, that Kamala is a patronizing urbanite, and that Bill Clinton’s crimes will never fit his punishment.

We also love the Lego dudes cleaning the firearm -it’s a nanobot army I can get behind!

Image: Mount Etna, Sicily erupts at night looks like dragon in sky
This one should boil your p*ss!