Cuban Girl Reveals the Harsh Truth About Life in Cuba

This is the reality of life under communism. Watch this young woman describe the horrible conditions the Cuban people are forced to accept as normal. The soy boys and whiny gender-rights kids in the US need to listen to her, because their path leads to not to the promised land where anything goes but to deprivation, imprisonment, lack of healthcare, starvation and fear.

Lala Mooney, born in communist Cuba, was imprisoned there at age 19. As protests erupt in the Caribbean nation, Mooney, mother of Rep. Alex Mooney, R-W.Va., joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to talk about what life there is like. 

“At the economic level, we lost everything,” Mooney says. “My mother’s family owned a sugar mill and they put a gun on my uncle’s desk and say, ‘Sign it over.’ We lost everything.”

Mooney says her father was dean of engineering at St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic University in Havana, which the communist regime of Fidel Castro confiscated in 1961, expelling American and European Anglicans who administered it. 

“Once we were in prison, my father said, ‘There’s no sense for me to stay here if they put me in prison.’”

“Engineering was a very important topic in Cuba,” Mooney adds, “because Cuba was [one of the biggest] producers of sugar in the whole world, and engineering is how you run the sugar mills.”