3-D printed rockets? Yep.

Ursa Major Technologies are leading the charge in a new space race by developing high-performing, low-cost, reliable engines for launch and hypersonic applications across commercial and defense sectors.
Their technologies are shortening launch timelines and increasing propulsion capabilities and the amazing thing is, more than 80% of the rockets are additively manufactured by mass using cutting-edge, internally-developed materials and processes. That’s 3-D printing to you and me!

Welcome to Ursa Major Technologies from Ursa Major Technologies on Vimeo.

America’s first Oxidizer Rich Staged Combustion engine, the Ursa Major Hadley is a 5,000 lbf thrust, liquid oxygen and kerosene engine. The Hadley is a reliable engine solution for a wide range of vehicles in the orbital and suborbital launch regimes.

The Ursa Major Ripley engine is a 35,000 lbf class, liquid oxygen and kerosene engine. Leveraging the manufacturing and design methodologies of the Hadley, Ripley provides a boost propulsion solution for an equally diverse set of vehicles. Ripley delivers industry-leading performance and power at a price point set to change the space launch industry.

If we can now print rockets in a couple of days, as Ursa Major says it can – it’s not only air and space technology that changes. War does, too.