Biden tries to snatch credit for red state school openings

Union boss Randi Weingarten said in a recent interview that she would ‘try’ to reopen schools fully in the fall for in-person learning. Republicans aren’t just trying to reopen schools – we’re actually doing it.  

back to school

The Biden administration took a victory lap in May for hitting its walked-back goal of reopening fifty percent of schools for in-person learning.

Except, Biden’s policies were not responsible for the majority of school reopenings. Ignoring the exceptionally weak target the White House set for school reopenings, despite scientific evidence that students face no real risk of COVID-19 transmission in a school setting, Republican states led Biden to his tepid goal.

Only 37.6 percent of schools in blue states, ones Biden carried in the 2020 presidential election, were fully reopen as of May, the same month his administration claimed success. By comparison, 74.5 percent of red state schools were fully reopened. Further, students in red states received 432 more hours of in-person education than their blue state counterparts.

Left-leaning states were less likely to offer in-person learning, and their children suffered as a result. They followed the President’s lead and put fearmongering politics before mental health, economic recovery, and an entire generation’s future.

President Biden rails against the Republican party’s policies, but he is perfectly fine riding our coattails, taking credit for our victories while enacting policies that thwart the nation’s economic recovery.  

Press release by House Education and Labor Committee Republicans