Climate Alarmists: The Doomsday That Never Arrives

We’re all sick of it. The endless scaremongering. The predictions surrounding the end of civilization as we know it are constant, and always come from the group funded by the deepest pockets and the largest subsidies. The taxes, prohibitions and virtue signaling are irritating and foolish. Academics that protest that computer models aren’t factual, or refuse to cherrypick data are shunned, shamed and shoved out. But these doomsday merchants have been at this Nostradamus bullshit for so long we can now hold them accountable.

Yesterday, the UN said the Earth is hotter than ever and we will all perish because it’s too late to fix it. Also yesterday Greenland put ice on its shelf sufficient to cover Central Park to a depth of over 2,000 feet. The Antarctic and Arctic polar caps boasted above average growth in 2021.

Yesterday, too, the sun had no sunspots. Which we expect during a solar minimum. It’s time to wake up to the fact that the Sun affects our climate. Let’s work around that unchangeable fact the best we can and let’s focus on truly important issues such as pollution and poverty.