Hypocrisy at its finest – But would we expect anything different?

They’re laughing at us – the little people.

Attendees of former President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party were told to keep quiet, don’t photograph or record anything and don’t post anything online. And yet, details leaked out.

“Details of the exclusive party were revealed after two cannabis-smoking DJs posted a series of pictures and videos to social media, also flouting the rules on posting pictures from the event,” the Daily Mail reported along with details such as the party offered, “a specially constructed espresso martini bar, salt station and s’mores station.

The Voice star and leftist shill, John Legend sang “Happy Birthday” to Obama. Other guests included: BEYONCÉ and JAY-Z, GAYLE KING, ERYKAH BADU, BRADLEY COOPER, GEORGE CLOONEY, QUESTLOVE and TOM HANKS.

Guests were presented with birthday favors of custom-designed face masks and cocktail napkins emblazoned with a “44×60” logo representing that fact that Obama was the 44th president, and this was his 60th birthday.

According to the Daily Mail:

  • Hundreds of guests attended Barack Obama’s 60th birthday celebration on Saturday night 
  • The former president was caught on video dancing, maskless, in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
  • He was snapped by Singer-songwriter Erykah Badu who managed to capture Obama in a video selfie of hers 
  • Two DJ’s also managed to share pictures of the Martha’s Vineyard set up despite a ban on pictures and video
  • Food, cocktails, specially branded napkins, face masks and even the toilets were posted to social media
  • The Secret Service set up a no-fly zone over Barack Obama’s $12million mansion as he and his A-list guests celebrate the former president’s 60th birthday party
  • The party has drew criticism in Republican circles after the Obama’s said it was ‘scaled back’ 
  • Event saw hundreds of people including famous celebrities attend the event 
  • It included a performance by Alicia Keys, who sang Happy Birthday, as did John Legend
  • A fleet of taxis were seen entering Obama’s residence to bring party staff home, and a handful of SUVs possibly containing stars were also seen exiting the shindig. By the end of the night there was said to be huge traffic jams stretching from Obama’s 29-acre estate with one police officer describing the situation as a ‘s**t show’ over his police radio as guests flocked to leave
  • The ‘trimmed down’ guest list of ‘close family and friends’ read more like the attendees of a Hollywood award show, including Beyonce, Jay-Z, Gayle King, Tom Hanks and George Clooney
  • One staff member told DailyMail.com that 300-400 people were in attendance 
Does this look scaled back to you?
On Friday night a host of stars who enjoyed a pre-party cocktail gathering at Winnetu Oceanside Resort, where Obama was pictured chatting with guests including Eric Holder???