Teen’s clever trap for spotted lanternflies

We stomp them, and spray them, but this teen might have a better plan for getting rid of those nasty spotted lanternflies.

Rachel Bergey, 14, started caring because they were hogging up the tree she likes to climb. Then she found out she might not ever be able to climb her tree anymore if the spotted lanternfly did it what it does and kills trees. So she got to work. When the bugs start crawling up the tree they hit the foil ring. They die about 24 hours later. She killed 1,200 of them in two weeks with just two traps. Bergey is headed to Washington D.C. next month.

She’s one of 30 middle schoolers competing in a national science competition. View the full story at WFMZ.com: https://www.wfmz.com/news/southeaster…