WATCH! Multi Surface Laser Cleaning is Amazing!

Laser cleaning and surface structuring is a chemical-free alternative to paint stripping, rust removal, and weld-preparation steps such as removal of aluminum silicon coatings. This non-contact process vaporizes the coating with minimum effect to underlying material, eliminating the need for chemical disposal or abrasive reprocessing.

Laser cleaning removes paint, contaminants, rust, and residues with a high-energy laser beam which leaves the substrate (wood, ceramic, metal, etc) untouched. It’s fast and very directable so you can skip certain areas.

Lasers can provide high-speed cleaning and surface preparation in virtually all industries. The low-maintenance, easily automated process can be used to remove oil and grease, strip paint or coatings, or modify surface texture, for example adding roughness to increase adhesion.

  • No abrasive materials are used, with no problems of contaminant separation and disposal
  • No solvents are used – chemical-free and environmentally friendly process
  • Spatially selective –  cleaning only the area required, saving time and costs by ignoring regions that don’t matter
  • Non-contact process never degrades in quality
  • Easily automated process that can lower operating costs by eliminating labor while giving greater consistency in results

Also it’s REALLY satisfying to watch!