This is what happens when the state overreaches – Melbourne, Australia

Watch this amazing man! It’s like Tiananmen Square “tank man”!

I love how this construction worker stares down the shouty cop trying to intimidate him. This is now a class war. The police are defending the laptop users, the workers are standing up for their livelihoods and the future of the country. And they can see who’s with them. Not their unions. Not the Left.

This woman is over 70 years old. Victoria police threw her to the ground and sprayed her with pepper spray directly in the eyes.

Our friend Christopher Field “Topher” yesterday filed a YouTube report from the protests against the draconian actions of the Australian government, particularly the actions of the Victoria (state) government. Below is a piece I asked him to write in case he was arrested prior to the event – a very real likelihood according to whistleblowers in the local government.

This is Topher’s on-the-ground perspective of what happened at the Melbourne Freedom Rally on Saturday 18th September 2021.

Meanwhile, the Australian health chief Dr. Kerry Chant  is telling Australians they will have to wear masks forever and has now even said that Australians will never be allowed to return to normal because they will need booster shots forever. This power grab is being seen all over the world. It’s no longer just tin-foil hat wearers who suspect it’s coordinated.

During the march the police were over matched and stood down. Later, one of the trades’ unions, the construction workers union, CFMEU told its members to get the jab or they couldn’t work. As we all know, Big Labor skims money by taking money off members as dues and money from businesses as payment for “negotiating”. It is not there, in general, to help individual members – but to move Liberal agenda items and to profit from cronyism. Finally, the Australians revolted. They have been treated abominably over the past two years and they have had enough. As we reported a few weeks ago, the truckies – truck drivers – have gone on a go-slow for inter-state commerce in protest of the draconian situation. Now the construction workers have fought back.

About Topher Field

Topher Field is an Australian Libertarian Political Commentator and winner of the Australian Libertarian Societies ‘Libertarian Activist of the Year’ award. Topher has a particular focus on Human Rights, personal freedom, and limited government. Starting in 2009, Topher has millions of video views over his a 12 years history of standing up for freedom on a huge range of issues spanning freedom of speech, low taxation, deregulation, climate change, the nanny state, property rights, and much more.

Over the years Topher has interviewed many luminaries, scientists, and politicians, and has earned a reputation for being willing to say what others won’t, AND to back it up with facts and data.

Best known for his videos, Topher specialises in breaking down complex issues and policy areas and making them digestible and understandable for the layperson. Topher has done extensive work unravelling complex issues including water policy in the Murray Darling Basin (Australia’s largest food bowl), successfully helping to put an end to the now defunct emissions trading scheme proposed by former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and helping put an end to the proposed ‘News Media Council’, an Orwellian government power-grab over media in Australia.

Topher brought this same approach to Covid 19 when his home state of Victoria introduced some of the world’s harshest lockdowns in March 2020. He started by analysing the data emerging from Sweden, Italy, and China, and began in March 2020 to argue for a targeted approach of protecting the elderly and vulnerable and allowing the virus to spread among the healthy majority, with a view to developing herd immunity and being able to move on from Covid 19 within a matter of months. The Victorian Government took the opposite approach, betting on a ‘Zero Covid’ strategy which plunged Victorian into ever deeper restrictions, enforced by ever more aggressive policing.
Topher spoke at the first ‘anti lockdown’ protest in Australia, held on ANZAC Day 2020 (April 25th) and has become a prominent anti-lockdown campaigner ever since, constantly calling out the Victorian and Australian government’s increasing human rights abuses, and failures to follow their own laws, as they’ve become increasingly desperate as their Zero Covid strategy has failed and the economic and human costs of the strategy have quickly mounted.

In the last 16 months Victorians have endured more than 200 days in hard lockdowns, with restrictions including a 9pm curfew, defacto house arrest with only 4 permitted reasons to leave your home, only one person allowed to shop, and only once per day, most businesses closed, mandatory masks indoors and out, playgrounds and sports closed, and the list goes on.

Federally the Australian Government has closed the country’s borders to inbound and outbound traffic, including denying entry to Australian Citizens who want to return home. Australians are not allowed to leave the country without special permission, placing Australia on the same level as North Korea. Internally, state borders have been regularly closed, and entire cities isolated by way of a police and military enforced ‘ring of steel’ designed to ensure absolute obedience to the ‘health orders’.

Recently the Victorian Government has taken to using overwhelming physical violence against the growing protest movement on the streets of Melbourne. Capsicum spray, tear gas, riot police, and rubber bullets, have all now been used by police against protestors on the streets of Melbourne, and Topher has been at all the large protests, broadcasting live, commentating on events as they happen, and making speeches where possible, whilst doing his best to stay out of any physical confrontations with police.

For his trouble Topher has been visited by police at his family home on two occasions, is challenging a police charge for being more than 5km (3 miles!) away from his home, and has begun taking precautions in anticipation of possibly being arrested by the increasingly totalitarian Victorian Government, led by Premier Daniel Andrews who seems determined to be remembered alongside Vladimir Putin for his shameless suppression of his critics.
In this time of growing government oppression in the once-free Australia, Topher is committed to a simple motto: Good people break bad laws.”