How to get to the bottom of your backside discomfort

(BPT) – From exercise and travel to self-care and beyond, there are many activities that will help better your health and wellness physically and mentally. However, sometimes the most well-meaning activities can have unintentional effects on your body, including causing pain, discomfort and even uncomfortable backside itching or burning.

The good news? Back there issues are common and there are solutions to help manage and treat the irritation. To help you get to the bottom of why your backside may be feeling a bit off, consider the following triggers that might be causing discomfort.

1) Working the glutes

Moving your body is one of the best ways to maintain your overall health and wellness. However, strenuous weightlifting or exercises that increase pressure on your rear, such as bike riding, can lead to some unwanted backside issues. To help prevent that discomfort from leaving the gym with you, make sure to practice good form and warm up properly to reduce the risk of over-exertion, straining or injury.

2) Planes, trains and automobiles

Change in routine that inevitably comes with traveling often impacts our bodies more than we may realize. Particularly, extended time spent sitting on planes, trains or in the car coupled with not-so-ideal bathroom scenarios can lead to uncomfortable back there pains. As you plan out your travels, map out your route to give yourself breaks from sitting and find accessible bathroom options to ensure you can avoid “holding it in.” Additionally, find room in your suitcase for products to help you feel comfortable along the way, like Preparation H Soothing Relief Cooling Spray. The spray soothes and cools for fast, targeted relief of burning and itching in an easy-to-use, no-touch form to help keep you feeling fresh and comfortable.

3) Stressing out

Experiencing stress on a regular basis not only has a negative impact on mental well-being, but it can also have an impact on your body. In fact, prolonged stress can be linked to digestive issues, such as upset stomachs, loss of appetite and even constipation. Common coping mechanisms, like unhealthy snacking or alcohol, can create a negative impact on digestive health as well. Try incorporating stress-relieving activities into your daily routine, such as yoga, meditation or even chatting with a friend or loved one. Your belly and backside will thank you.

4) Favorite fragrances

Practicing good hygiene is an important part of taking care of your body; however, utilizing too many fragrance-focused products to keep clean may cause irritation or dryness to the skin, especially in the down-there region. Additionally, over-scrubbing sensitive areas when washing may also cause broken skin. Try simplifying your wash routine and use one gentle product instead. Less is more.

5) Wardrobe malfunction

A secret culprit of backside discomfort is wearing tight clothing. Restrictive fashion or lacy undergarments, especially when items are made of synthetic fabrics like polyester, can cause skin friction and even trap excess moisture, which could create a damp and irritating environment for your behind. Try incorporating looser fitting clothing options into your wardrobe, as well as pieces that are made of more breathable materials, like cotton.

Sometimes the sneaky culprits of backside discomfort can be common day-to-day activities. Taking a little extra effort to find solutions that work best for you will help prevent backside pains and help you stay comfortable all day long.

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