Why the Left hates “Let’s Go Brandon”

We reported this when it happened. A sports interviewer at a NASCAR race heard the crowd chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” and covered it by saying to race winner Brandon Brown, “Hear that, they’re chanting ‘Let’s go Brandon'”. As a cover-up it sucked but as a shorthand and inoffensive, non-swearing way to express one’s contempt for Joe Biden it’s become a great catch phrase. The Tweet video below is from last night’s Jets game, just a a short train ride from the old man’s home state.

It’s even spread overseas as an indictment of oppressive and useless governments.

Cue Liberal Outrage!

The irony here is that with social media trying to ban “Let’s go Brandon” as “hate speech” and “false news and misinformation”, the crazy part is, false news and misinformation is how “Let’s go Brandon” got started in the first place!

And let’s think about this for a second. Remember when it was the cool, celebrity First Amendment thing to yell “F*ck Trump and get a big round of applause, like Robert DeNiro? Or when a Shakespeare in the Park version of Julius Caesar portrayed President Trump’s assassination?

They can’t deal with the chant because it’s funny. And funny not only bursts their bubble of superiority, but it begins to reveal that the Emperor is not wearing any clothes. And then their whole scheme to hide the ineptitude of the Biden presidency and Administration unravels.