Life Hack: Grimy Shower Basin? Fixed!

Shower basins pick up every scrap of dirt off feet, every bit of soap scum and never really dry out. So, of course they’re going to become gross and disgusting over time.

Bleach is a no-no on fiberglass but if you think about it, oil and dirt is what oven cleaner tackles. So I decided to try it on my grimy shower. I sprayed it on (wore a mask as I piled it on thick), went out for a few hours and when I got home wiped it with the sponge. Came off like butter on a plate.

It was MIRACULOUS! And when I shared my “discovery” with friends, I learned that the Marines already do this and there are YouTube videos about it. But in case you’re like me and did not know this amazing, elbow-grease-saving, life hack look at my before and after pix!

Before: I had been scrubbing with regular scratchy pads and then moved to the oven cleaner/Mr. Clean combo.
Da-Daaaaa! Much better!