What is Private DNS and How to Use it?

For more than a year now, one of the biggest stories in tech has been Apple’s push to require developers to request permission from users before tracking their activity. The change has serious implications for advertisers that use that data to “personalize” ads based on what they think is relevant.

Facebook has been one of the loudest voices against Apple’s initiative, known as App Tracking Transparency, even taking out full-page ads in major newspapers claiming that Apple is hurting small businesses and threatening the “free and open internet.” 

The other side of the story is the effort developers and digital advertisers have put into trying to get users to allow their data to be collected. Apple allows apps to request permission to track a user’s activity and apps are allowed to collect first-party data, or data about how a user interacts with a developer’s own sites. 

If you click through to this guide you can learn how to throw them off your scent.