The 4th Industrial Revolution: Suppression of the Human Race

Watch World Economic Forum’s founder Klaus Schwab (aka Blofeld) map out the end of civilization. His organization is fifty years old this year and his grip on the billionaire elites, many of which are alumni of his programs, is total.

The term ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ became a household word after the annual elitist event of the World Economic Forum, ‘Davos’ proposed it as a main theme. Professor Klaus Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum, said that all the parties of interest including the public and private sector, the academics and civil society, should participate in a comprehensive discussion about it. What he means is the Big Tech companies should monitor and control us, and regular people should submit to the inevitable.

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and why should you care? In this quick guide from the University of Arizona, which is showing dangerous signs it has swallowed the KoolAid from the WEF, Risk Bites takes a look at how new technologies are radically changing our world and leading to what the WEF calls a “fourth industrial revolution”, and the unique challenges and opportunities that we’re facing as a result. These include the challenges of socially responsible engineering and innovation, technology regulation and governance, ensuring the benefits of advanced manufacturing capabilities, and grappling with engineering ethics.