WEF Watch – What’s Klaus up to now?

So there goes another supposedly impartial News Agency.

Klaus and his buddies are busy showing how the elites care only about themselves, as usual. Their fear-laden hyperbole over climate change is code for the “Great Reset” and a dog whistle to wealthy elites who are making billions from energy subsidies and selling fashionable, polluting, slave-derived junk in the name of green science. Their virtue signaling is disgusting as they reject proven emissions-free or low-emissions technology such as gas and nuclear power in favor of wind and solar technology that massively pollute, involve the extraction and waste of rare earth minerals and are almost impossible to recycle or reuse.

This is their latest claptrap:

Climate risks are chief among global concerns as the world enters the third year of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Geneva-based World Economic Forum (WEF).

The WEF’s Global Risks Report 2022, released on Monday, found that in addition to the climate crisis, top long-term global risks include growing social divides, heightened cybersecurity risks and uneven recovery as the pandemic persists around the world, a news release accompanying the report said. Most experts believe that a global economic recovery will be volatile and unbalanced over the next three years, according to the WEF.

“The climate crisis remains the biggest long-term threat facing humanity,” Peter Giger, group chief risk officer for Zurich Insurance Group, said in a statement.

All this while the global economy is being brought to its knees during the pandemic, people are literally starving, children are going uneducated, and farmers are indicating shortages will become acute.

Meanwhile at Elite Headquarters

The BBC says “nothing to see here”

Oh, and Klaus was involved with “I didn’t kill myself” Epstein.

Still peddling fear

Hiding behind the respectability of scholarship, wealth and position, the WEF offers a smorgasbord of propaganda and fear-producing possibilities: Vaccine inequality, social fractures. geopolitical tensions, environmental collapse, global warming disaster, cybersecurity failure, migration disorder, war in space.

All of this is to prepare the world for the necessity of a “Great Reset”, aka Technocracy, that will facilitate the greatest transfer of wealth in world history, leading to Klaus Schwab’s smiling prediction, “You will own nothing and be happy”. Like driving zoo animals with an electric cattle prod, fear is the primary tool to scare people into predictable submission and compliance.” ⁃ TN Editor Download pdf here.

He wants to get into our heads – literally

And just because…Is it him?

OMG – Is it him? We hope so.