The Geoeconomic World Order is changing – here’s how and why you should care.

This is an amazing FREE resource from Raiffeisen Bank International. RBI operates a banking network mainly in Central and Eastern Europe, although also maintains operations in Western Europe. If you have ever wondered about the effects of the various crises occurring around the world, especially in these regions, imagine how people with serious skin in the game must be feeling.

Here, in this incredible report – which I found because it contains a chapter by a man you may recognize as I quote him a great deal, Ross Kennedy @man_integrated – we can see how the future might unfold. Go to page 137 and read what he has to say on the international supply chain and President Trump’s take on the global inbalance and his realization of the emergent realignment of the global political paradigm.

Yes, I know this isn’t our usual commentary, or video or skill tips article. But it is deeply fascinating and worth the read. Stay informed – stay ahead.

Download it here. Or read below. Storms Ahead: The Future Geoeconomic World Order.