Update on WEF alumni screwing over the world

It’s all starting to come undone for leaders like Justin Trudeau in Canada and Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand, and well-placed diplomats and bureaucrats everywhere many of whom are alumni of the evil World Economic Forum and its Young Global Leaders program, run by Karl Schwab. They have been holding their people hostage, forcing them into actions they do not wish to take, and trying to silence protest by controlling the media

The revolt, as epitomized by the Canadian truckers will be swift and strong. We can no longer risk electing any more world economic forum alumni. Trudeau, Arden, Macron, Varadkar et al, have shown themselves to be disingenuous with a penchant for dictatorial power and an anti democratic bent. The WEF should be classified as a terrorist organisation. In Canada, Chrystia Freeland the Deputy Prime Minister is also an alumni, and she has recently declared she will seize truckers’ assets by freezing their bank accounts. She is not just an alumna, she is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum. Interestingly she is an expert on Ukraine and Russia and speaks those languages along with others – watch her carefully.

In France, Macron is flexing his anti-liberty muscles and in Ireland the openly gay leader Leo Varadkar is dragging his feet on ending restrictions. The rush of power has gone to his head.

Canada – curtailing basic freedoms, seizing the people’s assets

New Zealand – Jacinda Arden falling from grace

The New Zealand prime minister labeled anti-vaccine mandate protests ‘imported’. She has opened the Wellcamp Quarantine facility near Toowoomba to house unvaccinated international arrivals for 26 days as she strives for the impossible zero-Covid.

The Maori people are unhappy

Meanwhile the WEF push their real agenda – climate change, population control and redistribution of wealth – while their spawn softens us up for full government control

But the backlash is beginning