WEF flexs its population control and euthanasia chops with “Future or Climate killer?” ad

The World Economic Forum openly states on its website that the world would be much better off with only 250 million people. The obsession with climate is merely a pathway to terrorizing people and discouraging the reproduction of ordinary people. Their plan to scoot us all into mega-cities, taking the land and resources for the rich elites, is well documented. They want a highly automated world that serves the super rich. The massive transfer of wealth that occurred during the pandemic – if not organized by the New World Order – was certainly capitalized upon. The rich families became much, much richer over the past few years. Inflation will only make them richer as we suffer.

And now, in Germany, they are beginning their family-shaming propaganda. Look at this:

Their dear friend Bill Gates is terrified by other people.

Rapid population growth in some of Africa’s poorest countries could put at risk future progress towards reducing global poverty and improving health, according to a report by the philanthropic foundation of Bill Gates.

Look at the racism he projects on the WEF site here about a successful African sub-continent!

“Population growth in Africa is a challenge,” Gates told reporters in a telephone briefing about the report’s findings.

Bill Gates