Putin, the Oligarchs and the Biden Crime Family

Peter Schweizer, author of Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, speculated that Russian oligarchs may have “embarrassing material” on Hunter Biden.

“The problem is that we know that Hunter Biden has received millions of dollars from Russian oligarchs, some of whom are connected to Vladimir Putin,” Schweizer said on the Charlie Kirk Show with special guest host Alex Marlow. “The most effective way you can hamstring Putin would be to put sanctions on Russian oligarchs, those that have massive holdings in the West.”

He continued, “Everybody who observes and follows Russia knows those oligarchs are holding money for Vladimir Putin. You need to seize the assets of those pro-Kremlin oligarchs that are operating out of London, the United States, Israel, Western Europe.”

President Joe Biden is unlikely to use punitive measures against Russian oligarchs’ assets as his son is compromised by such figures, Schweizer assessed.

“The problem is, I don’t think we’re going to slap sanctions on those people, because some of those people have done business deals with Hunter Biden, and they no doubt probably have very embarrassing material on Joe Biden’s one and only living son,” he stated.

Remember when Putin said Hunter Biden did nothing wrong!

RT is owned and operated by the Russian government.

Russian President Vladamir Putin has spoken out regarding the allegations of corrupt foreign business dealings levied against Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden and his family, saying Hunter Biden “made very good money in Ukraine.”

Russia’s leader made the comments during a new interview with his country’s state-run TV network, Rossiya-1, that was aired late on Sunday.

President Putin said the Biden family made “good money” through foreign business deals, but insisted that dealings Joe Biden or his son Hunter “had or might have” in Ukraine have nothing to do with Moscow.

When asked how much money the Biden family had made through deals in Russia, Putin refused to speak on the matter, saying only: “No comment.”