Senior Republican Calls For Death of Foreign Leader


Despite the massive outpouring of support for Ukraine which is suffering under the brutal invasion by Russia under the megalomaniac, Vladimir Putin, we in the USA are not actually at war. Ukraine is not a member of NATO (a story for another day) and therefore cannot rely upon its protection. Congress has not yet declared war and under our Constitution (and despite actions in the past from Presidents) without such a declaration Russia is not our enemy. So it’s interesting to see one of our never-Trump, war-hawk neo-con Senators expressing openly what many, wisely, think privately. Leave it to Lady G, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina to make a secret thought vocal – and therefore open to interpretation by the Radical Left and its supporters.

The questions of whether the President possesses authority to use the military absent a Congressional declaration of war and the scope of such power, if it exists, have proven to be sources of conflict and debate throughout American history.  After the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon Administrations had spent nearly a decade committing U.S. troops to Southeast Asia without Congressional approval, Congress responded by passing the War Powers Resolution in 1973. The War Powers Resolution requires that the President communicate to Congress the committal of troops within 48 hours. Further, the statute requires the President to remove all troops after 60 days if Congress has not granted an extension.

When passed, Congress intended the War Powers Resolution to halt the erosion of Congress’s ability to participate in war-making decisions. This resolution, however, has not been as effective as Congress likely intended. The Constitution does not expressly grant the President additional powers in times of national emergency. However, Presidents have claimed they have this power, often conflicting with the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the extent of Presidential powers.