Russian losses unimaginable after just one week

“Russian losses are more in a week than the British Army lost in 20 years in Afghanistan.” – Brigadier Paul Gibson, former director of counterterrorism and UK operations commented on the significant losses sustained by Russian forces on GB News’s breakfast show this morning.

Brigadier Gibson attributed the pronounced Russian casualties to the “heroic defence by the Ukraine forces” and their “clever defence tactics”.

His comments come after Ukraine’s military command alleged more than 11,000 Russian troops have been killed since Vladimir Putin began the invasion.

It is thought Russian forces have lost 2,000 units of weapons and military equipment, including 285 tanks, 44 aircraft and 48 helicopters.

Mr Gibson put forward on GB News that the losses are particularly down to Russia’s inability to gain air superiority.

“They didn’t illuminate their air defences early on so, they were hidden and now they’re popping up. They’ve been widely dispersed, so now the Russians can’t control air space,” he said.

He added: “They’re having to move into night operations using helicopters mainly at night because they’ve been shut down. So, all of this is stalling the Russian advance.”

Last week, the Russian defence ministry announced 498 Russian troops were killed while 1,597 more sustained wounds. But it is argued this number is underreported.