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The Canadian speaker silenced a member of parliament for bringing up the WEF infiltration at Cabinet level using a trumped-up excuse. As you can see and hear the video is perfectly adequate.

Despite the fact Klaus Schwab is on record bragging about it.


The Climate – The Klaus Obsession – And why they WANT energy prices to rise

Time is of the essence, and Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are here to save you from yourself. The “climate emergency” has arrived and “we” have no time to waste, “the environment is on the brink of disaster and climate change is an existential threat.”

According to Schwab, the world must be rapidly transformed according to the designs of a technocratic elite, and “we” must adopt the ideas and policy preferences of 50 hand-picked “narrators” interviewed for the book, who he describes as “global thinkers and public intellectuals.”

While Schwab entertains a variety of ideologies and political perspectives, there is one group of people who are to be dismissed whole cloth. That group, of course, is individuals and groups that do not buy into his climate narrative. 

Jordan Schachtel

Schwab describes The Great Narrative as a book that goes “beyond the realm of theory,” serving as a “call to action.” Read this article it will change the way you think about the “Great Reset”.