Don’t Blame ‘Greedy Corporations’ for gas prices. It’s not them.


Biden made promise after promise to curtail US oil and gas production—no new fracking on government land, no drilling in the Alaskan Arctic, and shutting down the Keystone pipeline. In doing so, he emboldened Russia and China and has made us slaves to other producers – particularly run by dangerous regimes.

And now, Biden has no plan to enable development of traditional domestic energy sources. His plan is to buy oil from dictators in other countries, and to use high gas prices to bludgeon American consumers into adopting a leftist energy agenda.

Inflation results “from too much money chasing too few goods,” explains economist David Henderson. “If government’s spending more money, that’s more money chasing too few goods.”

Lately, government borrowed from the Fed, and spent much more money. Under President Donald Trump, the national debt rose $7.8 trillion. Under President Joe Biden, it’s grown $2.2 trillion in just one year. Biden wants to spend even more—a record $6 trillion this year.

Where will they get the money? Government has no money of its own, so increased spending means politicians must borrow more, tax more, or, easiest of all, create money out of thin air by just printing it.

In the last few years, that’s what they did. In an untested experiment, the Fed printed more money than ever in history.

All this new money sloshing around the economy makes money we have less valuable. You notice the price increases, but you may not notice the damage inflation does to your savings.

If you put $10,000 under your pillow, 7 percent inflation will reduce that to $2,342 in just 20 years.

If you were counting on those savings for retirement, too bad. Most of your savings will be gone.

Yet today’s politicians want to spend even more. In fact they are looking at blowing $15 billion today, on Ukraine. Learn more here.

The nation’s business owners are feeling the pinch – and so will you