Barr Finally Comes Clean On Laptop – Too Little Too Late

Bill Barr appeared on Fox News to discuss Hunter’s laptop from hell and the LIES Joe Biden told to the American people before the 2020 election.

Bill even goes so far as to call what Joe did “election interference.” Here’s what Bill Bar says: “Joe Biden knew the laptop was real. I was disturbed that Joe Biden would stand up and lie to the American people when confronted about it in the debates. The Intelligence letter was a baseless. Joe Biden knew it was a lie. This is INTERFERENCE in the election”

Conservatives cheered when President Attorney General tapped Bill Barr as the replacement for his do-nothing AG Jeff Sessions. Many believed Bill Barr would do what Sessions refused to do—get to the bottom of the coup attempt of incoming President Trump and his administration by the Obama regime and the intelligence community and finally expose the corruption behind the FBI’s cover-up of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Sadly, under the leadership of AG Bill Barr, none of these things happened.

Now, it’s being reported that AG Barr knew about investigations into Joe Biden’s son, Hunter while he was acting Vice President, since last spring, but kept it a secret so it wouldn’t affect the outcome of the election, says 100%FedUp.