WWWD — What would Walt do?

Walt Disney was all about kids. He loved them and taught them and entertained them. He didn’t groom them.

From Mickey and Minnie, to Bambi and Cinderella and Peter Pan, it was all about the kids. Then there was Disneyland (are you old enough to remember The Wonderful World of Disney on TV on Sunday nights?). A huge success.

Then there was Mary Poppins (my Brit friends tell me that Dick Van Dyke’s accent was embarrassing. As a know-nothing kid I thought it was great. And Lady and the Tramp (spaghetti has never been the same).

And then, Disney World. The Happiest Place on Earth.

But that’s all gone now. Disney has become not just Woke, but committed to grooming the littlest kids, getting them primed for pedophiles.

The have come out (no pun intended) guns blazing, against what they call “Don’t say gay” bill in Florida.

What the legislation really says is that teachers in grades K-3 cannot teach about sexuality of any sort. What is happening now is that some teachers are teaching about gay and transgender and sex and all the stuff these kids are too young to even care about. They just aren’t ready (or willing) to go down that road. Lots of feelings and thoughts their little minds are not mature enough to deal with.

And no parents need apply. Remember, to the Woke Left, they are not your kids. They belong to the “village” — meaning the government. And you have no right to know what they are being taught and certainly no right to interfere with “professional educators.”

And then there’s this. Said out loud. Walt is rolling over in his grave.

I don’t want to tell you what to do (LOL), but here’s what I recommend: Don’t go to Disney World. Don’t go to Disneyland. Don’t buy Disney programming of any sort (Disney Channel, Disney+ streaming, Disney movies of any sort including on DVD), sell your Disney stock, don’t buy Disney merchandise (the Disney store used to be one of my favorites around Christmastime). In other words, don’t let them use your money to corrupt our kids.

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