Chinese Communist Party Bagging Up Pets. (Don’t look if you love animals.)

The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t care about living things – people or pets but their heartlessness can still stun. Here we see that pets of people who have tested positive for covid are being bagged up, left on the sidewalk like garbage, all to be ultimately destroyed. As you can see the cats are all thrown in sacks together, as are dogs. It is heartbreaking and all because China has never budged from its “Zero Covid” ambitions.

Reason Magazine reports that pets are being killed and citizens left without adequate food in China’s lockdowns aimed at controlling the coronavirus:

In Shanghai, which is three times the size of New York City, residents have been under strict pandemic lockdown since March 27 in some parts, and since March 31 in others, with no end in sight.

Having detected a huge surge in cases, with more than 20,000 new cases being found daily, Chinese authorities locked the city of 25 million down, forcing residents into situations of extraordinary deprivation and subjecting them to brutal containment and control measures. With residents unable to leave their houses, food supplies are dwindling, and government workers attempting to deliver supplies to homes and apartments, frequently failing to do so in a timely or consistent manner. People are running out of the medicines they need to stay healthy or alive. Some people experiencing medical emergencies, CNN reports, have died after being turned away; they were unable to access care without negative COVID tests. “We are not killed by Covid, but by the Covid control measures,” read a viral post on social media site Weibo.

Due to strict containment and isolation measures in place for COVID-positive people, some mothers report being forcibly separated from their COVID-infected children by authorities. Health authorities allege parents will be able to appeal this and seek permission (!) to accompany their COVID-positive children to hospitals and isolation wards. It is unclear how this will actually apply in practice and whether this will end the brutal measure of separating parents from their young, sick children.