First Western Nation to Introduce Social Credit Score

It’s Baloney! No it’s Bologna!

Bologna, la «patente digitale» per i cittadini virtuosi: punti e premi. E un’app con tutti i servizi

Bologna, the “digital license” for virtuous citizens: points and rewards. And an app with all the services

According to this article in an Italian newspaper, the municipal government in the city of Bologna is introducing a “smart citizen wallet” that can receive “digital points” based on whether a citizen has demonstrated “virtuous behavior.” Initially this is linked to transit – but as we know with all bureaucratic endeavors, they won’t stop there.

It will “… use Big Data to “reward” virtuous citizens with discounts and discounts. …in the new-tech future…the administration has in the pipeline, a digital innovation plan that from now to 2024 promises to radically change the relationship between citizens and the municipal machine.”

How long before they do it here?