Midwife Students Taught How to Care for Males With Genitalia Giving Birth

Students midwives at Napier University in Scotland, UK were taught that biological males can get pregnant and give birth through their “penis” before the story blew up and instructors hastily edited a textbook. They are still taught how to help biological MEN give birth in trans ‘inclusive’ manual – even though it’s scientifically impossible

Feminism news website Reduxx revealed teaching materials from Edinburgh Napier University which state the person giving birth may still have “external male genitalia” after transitioning.

Elaine Miller, a Fellow of the Chartered Society for Physiotherapy,  expressed disbelief at the amount of factually incorrect information being provided to students:

“A [female] with a gender difference can become pregnant but will not have male genitalia,” she notes, expressing concern that even if instruction was given on serving female-to-male transgender patients, the information was still both incomplete and unrealistic.

“Most [females] who use testosterone, at the doses used for ‘transition,’ will develop vaginal atrophy.  The fragile tissue of an atrophied vagina may be unable to stretch to accommodate a baby’s head,” Miller says, also noting that female-to-male transgender people who wish to naturally deliver are at risk of sustaining “new types of birth injury” that have not yet been studied or investigated. 

“Examining this potential risk is probably more important than learning to remove a catheter from a non-existent prostate gland.”