Biden to hand health sovereignty to WHO — #StopTheTreaty

The World Health Organization is drafting a global pandemic treaty on pandemic preparedness that would grant the agency absolute and unprecedented power over global biosecurity. The last days to comment on the draft are June 16 and June 17. Remember WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has previously stated that his “central priority” as director-general of the WHO is to push the world toward universal health coverage.

I follow this super smart man on Twitter through my non-banned account (yep- banned by Facebook, Google, Amazon and Twitter! They just don’t like me I guess!). Like Neil Oliver yesterday he’s speaking out against the end of national sovereignty masquerading as an answer to an alleged call for a stronger international framework to deal with future pandemics.

Like Oliver he is a Brit who gets it. Where are the American voices? We need a massive surge in US opposition to this “treaty”. As you know we can’t have a treaty unless the Senate agrees. This will be finagled through the CDC or another awful agency as an Executive Branch decision.

And from Australia where their Prime Minister Scott Morrison said about the pandemic treaty: “The WHO should have those powers and authorities.”:

Please sign in below (yes, I know it’s a pain but it’s not like they don’t know everything about you already) and let me know who is fighting against this egregious assault on our freedoms, and let me know where it’s being publicized – if anywhere. #StopTheTreaty is the one to use on social media.

Remember, we’re talking about it here. We must make a fuss. Bust your congressman’s chops about it.