How to prevent “relay” attacks on your car fob!


Many new cars now have keyless entry systems, or can have them added as an upgrade. This allows the driver to open and start the car without using a button or turning a key so long as the fob is nearby.

Thieves are exploiting this, using sophisticated technology to hack into your car’s computer, meaning they don’t even need a key-fob to start the vehicle and can drive it away in a matter of minutes.

As the country runs out of second hand vehicles, cars are a very attractive target for car thieves who have been using “relay attacks,” where they use equipment to remotely amplify wireless key fob signals to gain access to a victim’s vehicle.

A relay attack usually involves two people working together. One stands by the targeted vehicle, while the other stands near the house with a device that can pick up a signal from the key fob. What’s more, some devices can pick up a signal from over 100 yards away. The device then relays the key fob’s signal directly to the car, allowing the thieves to get in and drive away immediately.

So what do you do?

You get yourself a metal lined Faraday box or sleeve. WalMart sells a car key box that works like a Faraday pocket to prevent criminals using keyfob skimming tools from copying or imitating the unique signal/radio code of your key in order to gain access to your vehicle or your keyless entry system. You should stop hanging your key fob by the front door. Put a metal plate up if you do and hang your fobs there.