The green left is vociferous. Like the cult it is, it refuses to hear anything against its Holy Grail of 100% wind and solar power, despite the devastating effects of wind turbines on raptors, and its relative uselessness when the winds are still or the skies cloudy.

In Australia, they are possibly even more clueless than our own eco-nuts.

Oh wait, that makes me realize I must qualify my opposition. I am pro conservation. Waste is wrong. However, I do not understand the obsession with recycling organic products when inorganic elements and minerals are non-renewable, in most cases. Chucking batteries into landfills is insane to me. I applaud personal use of solar and wind if it doesn’t pollute the earth with gigatons of concrete and chemicals, use un-recyclable parts, or kill animals.

These people would have us back in the dark ages. They are obsessed with the unrealistic aim of zero carbon – for a planet that is carbon-based. And yet the one proven energy that doesn’t emit carbon dioxide is nuclear power and they don’t want that either.

The irony is that most of the components for wind and solar are produced using rare earth metals, chemicals, labor and energy – lots and lots of energy – dug out of China. The Chinese are not slowing up on coal production and use, they’re doubling down. Just look at the second video in the second tweet below. Look at the insane pace of coal production!

The first tweet pictures the carnage caused by an obsession with virtue signaling.

Let’s hope we return to our senses soon. Al Gore and Klaus Schwab have had a good run. but it’s time to reverse their plans.

Watch this!

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