Pathetically Predictable Philly Gunman – Wore dress, was known to police and was online encouraging violence

The vile and tragic events of the Independence Day march at Highland Park, IL will be twisted by both sides of the gun control debate to prove some theoretical point or other. But maybe, as the person below on Twitter suggests, the truth is simpler. Crimo is just another messed up kid from a fatherless home who allowed drugs and an undisciplined upbringing to completely destroy his mind. He is a new and troubling American story. One we need to address promptly. Not by taking rights from people who commit no crimes, but by restoring the notion of good and bad and instilling it in our children. The slide into moral relativism and “there is no wrong thinking” is slowly eating the guts our of the American Way.

We must stop it at its roots – in schools and homes – and if necessary through a mental institution. It’s time to bring back the asylum, or whatever pretty expression we use, to keep dangerously deranged people out of the way of society.

Not political – just sick

@1cowtools· He coopted aesthetics from the left and right but I don’t think he was any of those things, I think he was lost. Gravitated towards aesthetics he found interesting. Maybe things can change in a couple of years, but he was never a white nationalist. And was never a leftist. Not to excuse him or anything. What he did was awful and I hope he rots. But to say he was an antifa shooter, or a qanon supporter or whatever. It’s bullshit. He was not mkultra’d. he liked ARGs and thought it was cool. I know leftist twitter and trump stan twitter want to make him into whatever type of person they want to vilify but he isn’t that. Anybody that knew him could attest to that. In his last years he was making some weird ass videos. But like, yeah, no sane person does what he does. There’s nothing deeper to it. Crazy being crazy. The tweet continues: