Why is China Buying Up US Land Here?

The debate over a corn milling plant to be built in Grand Forks, ND, just a few miles from the USAF drone base at Minot, has been brewing for a while now. One side argues that just because the company, Fufeng USA, is Chinese doesn’t mean anything sinister. The other side views it with deep suspicion, an impact of an adversary buying up land and staking a position inside our country.

This man, Ross Kennedy or Huntsman on Twitter, has been warning about the dangers of allowing Chinese embeds in Grand Forks for the best part of a year. He has visited the town to warn the locals of the dangers and how their leaders are being bribed and manipulated.

The Threat

  • Chinese food manufacturer Fufeng Group bought 300 acres of land near Grand Forks, North Dakota, to set up a milling plant.
  • The project is located about 20 minutes from the Grand Forks Air Force Base, raising national security concerns.
  • Both the Democratic chairman and the Republican ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee told CNBC they are opposed to the project.

About China Conquest: Inside Job on BEK TV

For decades, China has been executing a plan to crush the United States of America. Chinese leaders and American lawmakers, both independently, have been talking for years about China’s plan to destroy our country on an economic, geopolitical, and military level. So why then would the United States ever want to do business with Communist China?

In a 10-part BEK TV special report, hosted by Lori Hinz, “China Conquest: Inside Job”, learn why national security experts are concerned about the methods in which China is using to infiltrate their way into America. Explore high-level activity that our nation’s top officials have known about for years, to newer, lower-level subnational exchanges taking place in America’s heartland.

Find out how the Chinese are now using a multi-faceted approach to target Governors, state lawmakers, mayors, city council members and local business owners. Explore examples of the Chinese making their way into small-town America.

In this special report, BEK TV provides information that the country’s complacent media are afraid to report. BEK TV uncovers the truth, gives examples, credits countless sources, and makes connections that will leave you asking more questions. China Conquest: Inside Job” exposes the ways that China is slowly accomplishing their goal of becoming a world superpower. 

Part 1 – An introduction to subnational exchanges and how China is working under the radar to gain control. Learn about the Chinese-owned Fufeng corn processing plant that Grand Forks, ND city officials want built in their city and about the Dickinson State University, ND diploma mill scandal.

Part 2 – A further exploration of the Fufeng project and how China is going about their subnational influence in Grand Forks, ND. Plus, the seriousness of subnational influences on a national level.

Part 3 – The history of the U.S.-China relationship and how we got to where we are today. This episode begins with President Nixon, and how he may have opened the door for China.

Part 4 – U.S. cooperation with China from the start of the 21st century into the George W. Bush administration.

Part 5 – BEK News picks up with President George W. Bush’s second term, 2007 time period, and explores Subnational Exchanges with China during that time period into President Obama’s rise to power, particularly by focusing on a bi-partisan group of powerful state leaders from around the country, the State Legislative Leaders Foundation (SLLF). The group has strong ties to First Son Hunter Biden’s controversial foreign business dealings scandal. BEK News also uncovered a Hunter Biden laptop email which directly links SLLF, the nonprofit itself, not just associated individuals, to the Hunter Biden scandal.

Part 6 – BEK News continues to explore the U.S.-China relationship from the end of President George W. Bush’s administration into the first year of President Obama’s administration. 

Part 7 – BEK News begins by exploring President Obama’s new foreign policy approach to China, beginning with President Obama’s historic first official State Visit, through January 2012, as President Obama’s approach to China began changing as he neared re-election. At the same time, Subnational Exchanges with China continued seemingly unaffected. U.S. Governors and Mayors even ramped up their efforts to court China. Or was it the other way around?

Part 8 – BEK News provides a deep examination of Dickinson State University’s February 2012 diploma mill scandal that involved hundreds of Chinese students. Sources claim there was a cover-up. So BEK News sorts viewers through it all. BEK News also explores the Obama Administration’s activities with China at the time of the DSU scandal, up to the end of his second term in 2016.

Part 9 – President Trump comes to town and shakes up the U.S.-China relationship in ways never seen. Particularly at Subnational levels. And serious concerns grow over a rising China. BEK News explores the Trump Administration time period from 2017 to 2021.

Part 10 – President Biden assumes power and rolls back some of the prior administration’s initiatives with China, while sticking with some. But China is creating waves on the world stage, especially with respect to its handling of Russia’s war in Ukraine. The U.S.-China relationship time period covered here is from 2021-present. 

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