Holland is #2 ag exporter in world. But now the Dutch Government is SHOOTING farmers!

You read about the irate protests by Dutch farmers, inspired by the Canadian truckers’ protests in Ottawa, here. Now they are escalating – and their wrath is garnering support across the world.

They are protesting against the government’s far-reaching and insane (this usually implies the WEF was behind it) plans to cut nitrogen emissions. In one of their largest-ever demonstrations, the farmers demanded the scrapping of recently announced plans by the Hague-based government to reduce these emissions, which could see a 30 percent reduction in livestock.

The Netherlands, the world’s second-largest agricultural exporter, is one of the top greenhouse gas emitters in Europe — especially of nitrogen — with much of this blamed on cattle-produced manure and fertiliser. Naturally they are taking on the new enemy of the New World Order – the farmers. They hate people that control things they can’t. Over the past three decades, farmers have been persecuted under the guise of ecology and conservation when in reality these people are the natural protectors of our lands and resources.

The Dutch government was surprisingly honest about their treachery: “The honest message is that not all farmers can continue their business.”

You can’t just close farms that are hundreds of years old. You just can’t!” – Netherlands citizen.

Right now, food shortages are now hitting the supermarket shelves. And the police are getting violent. Which is what happens in countries, formerly tolerant, which are now run by unelected bureaucrats who don’t like dissent.