Hilarious self-own by weapons “expert”!


The AR-15 is the most customizable weapon platform on the market. You can either buy a complete stock rifle or custom build your own from the ground up. Whether you want to build an AR-15, or upgrade your stock configuration, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of its parts. You also need to know what kinds of accessories are out there as this will allow you to customize your weapon to the configuration that you want. I have included a great little video for all of you guys who are thinking about acquiring one and would like to see how it’s put together.

But as an aside, there’s been a bit of back and forth over in the cesspit that is Twitter and it’s hilarious!

Loser tweeted this
Epic troll winner tweeted this!

So how well do you know your rifle? Let’s take a look at the parts that make up your formidable AR-15.