Pelosis make a killing in the stock market, but that’s ok, they’re DC elites.

Did he have inside knowledge? Questions are being asked about the Speaker’s husband, Paul Pelosi, who purchased 20,000 shares for around $5 million in stocks in Nvidia, a top semiconductor company, just days ahead of a Senate vote designed to reduce our dependence on China and boost the U.S. chip-manufacturing industry. The bill will give $52 billion in subsidies and tax credits to US chip makers. Paul Pelosi made the purchase in late June around the same time he sold portions of stocks in Apple and Visa, according to a financial disclosure report filed by the House speaker.

Pelosi Wealth Highlights

  • Nancy Pelosi has millions of dollars in real estate investments, business partnerships and stock holdings
  • As speaker of the House, Pelosi receives an annual salary of $223,500 yet is one of the richest members of Congress
  • Her husband Paul Pelosi runs the venture capital, financial consulting and real estate firm Financial Leasing Services
  • The 82-year-old politician has an estimated net worth of more than $106 million, according to a New York Post analysis.
  • The sector in which the Pelosis most frequently buy and sell stocks is, by far, the Silicon Valley tech industry, close neighbors of the Californian congresswoman. She speaks with CEOs regularly.

The figure was calculated using the methodology of the Center for Responsive Politics for calculating the net worth of Congress members, which involves getting the average of the maximum and minimum estimated value of assets and liabilities. IBT