Good Guy at 40 YARDS! Better than Law Enforcement

Red State

The killer was ready:

  • The shooter was armed with a Sig Sauer 400M 5.56-caliber rifle.
  • He had a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 5.56 on reserve in the restroom.
  • A Glock 33 .357 pistol was on his person.
  • He was armed with over 100 rounds.
  • He’d been frequently practicing at a range for the past two years.
  • He had resigned from his warehouse job in May.
  • Police were told by family they believe he’d received a notice of eviction.

The killer went into the bathroom near the food court, preparing for the attack. When he finally came out and started shooting, Dicken saw him and his rifle from 40 yards away and immediately understood what was happening. The shooter shot and killed three people. He injured two. The initial police report was that it took Dicken two minutes to respond to the shooter. But that wasn’t true. The police just corrected that. Dicken neutralized the shooter within 15 seconds of him starting to shoot, an astounding reaction, doubtless saving countless other lives. Redstate

Dicken, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, engaged the shooter at what Ison described as a long range for a pistol, hitting Sapirman several times. Sapirman tried to retreat back to the restroom, but fell to the ground and died. WKKG

Dicken announced himself to mall security as the person who returned fire, and he was handcuffed, taken into custody by the Greenwood police and questioned at the police station. Video evidence showed the entire incident and backed up Dicken’s story.

Police say that Dicken does not appear to have any military or police training. However he had great accuracy returning fire with 10 shots. He also waived people to safety behind him while returning fire.

The police thought it was so exceptional they issued a correction of events.