Selling America to China Brings Enemy in the Front Door!

Chinese food processing company, Fufeng Group of Shandong province, wants to build a corn milling plant near Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota, which houses sensitive communication facilities, “the backbone of all U.S. military communications across the globe.”

Fufeng should never have been allowed to buy land so close to a critical U.S. military facility. The company’s purchase highlights the failure of the U.S. foreign policy community, the Defense Department, and the Biden administration to protect America from an obvious threat posed by a regime that has repeatedly declared the U.S. to be its enemy.

Fufeng plans to build a $700 million processing plant on 300 acres it purchased this year in North Dakota for $2.6 million. The man who sold the land does not see why there is such a fuss. “How would they gain any knowledge of the base?” asked Gary Bridgeford. “It’s about 12 miles away. It isn’t like it’s next door.”

But the Chinese plant does not have to abut the Grand Forks base to be a national security threat. An Air Force major circulated a memo in April pointing out that the proposed plant, in the words of CNBC, “is located on a narrow geographic footprint at which passive receiving equipment could intercept sensitive drone and space-based communications to and from the base.” MORE HERE

Huntsman on Twitter has been insistent and constant in his criticism of the Grand Forks city council for going on Chinese boondoggles and courting this company into our backyard. His fuss is now bearing fruit in Grand Forks. He and the good people of Grand Forks have been fighting this vanity project from months. 

Now we need to turn our attention to other purchases which are occurring with increasing regularity. 

Rather than inviting China into our backyard, we should be working closer with our allies, Western countries, and other Asian nations who share our values and we can trust, says Sen. Kevin Cramer.