Conservative AGs should not be aiding and abetting the other side

With the Jan. 6 Committee’s televised hearings fading toward our rearview mirrors, it is worth reflecting on how the Left’s plans go far beyond holding televised hearings for the MSNBC crowd.  Nancy Pelosi’s members already voted to impeach President Trump over January 6.  But that has never been enough.  It has always been far more personal.  Don’t forget, Democratic members of the House are working right now with the left-wing trial lawyers at the Cohen Milstein law firm to impose personal liability on President Trump for Jan. 6.  The Left is unified, with their lawyers at their side, in trying to personally destroy President Trump.

This unified left-wing legal attack brings to mind something that has been grinding on me: why is it that our lawyers seem to always drift over and help the Left, when the Left is so obviously unified against us and would never come to our aid or help put money in our coffers?

For a basic illustration, consider how Todd Rokita, the Republican Attorney General in Indiana, and Lynn Fitch, the Republican Attorney General of Mississippi, both have big-money contracts with Cohen Milstein, a law firm of left-wing trial lawyers that is working with Democrats in Congress to try and impose personal liability on President Trump over January 6.  This law firm has made a passion project out of suing President Trump, first over his hotels and now over January 6.  And it doesn’t stop there, as they manage to hit almost all the bells in the liberal pinball machine.  They sue companies to force more money into woke corporate diversity initiatives.  They donate their political money to left-wing candidates.  And they slide settlement money into the pockets of the ACLU.  

It is impossible to imagine left-wing Attorneys General signing up a Pro-Trump legal team for a big payout; be serious, they wouldn’t sign up any lawyer who hits even a few notes on the conservative banjo.  But here we are with two of our attorneys general feeding this rats nest of left-wing trial lawyers with big-money contracts.  Politicians aren’t known for being the most upstanding people, but feeding the enemy like this should be a bridge too far even for them.

And it is not just Cohen Milstein—there are countless examples of our states’ lawyers working with law firms run by hardcore liberal activists and big-time Democratic operatives.  I could go on and on with the betrayals.  But just consider for a second that Indiana has been paying the Perkins Coie law firm for years.  As a refresher, Perkins Coie has long been the Democratic Party’s go-to law firm, employing (until last year) the Left’s most prominent election lawyer: Marc Elias.  We are talking about a law firm that is deep into the left-wing swamp.  Perkins Coie and Elias were at the center of the Clinton campaign’s work with Fusion GPS on the now infamous Steele Dossier, with its discredited attacks on President Trump.  They were also the architect of the push to expand mail-in ballots across the nation for the 2020 election.  And Elias has been described “as quarterback of the Biden campaign’s state-level litigation team.”  While Perkins Coie and their top political hitter were busy with all of this (and more), Indiana was sending them checks, feeding the beast.

To anyone who has fought the Left, and seen how they play their games, it is a slap in the face to watch conservative elected officials team up with Cohen Milstein, Perkins Coie, and others of their ilk, enriching the other side without hesitation. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of conservative or neutral law firms who could do the job.

The Left gets a huge amount from these Benedict Arnold handouts, not just in terms of money, but in prestige and respectability.  And ostensibly conservative state AG’s acting like democratic mega-donors doesn’t change the brutal knifing of our side one bit.  The left-wing trial lawyers at Cohen Milstein are still suing President Trump and sending money hand-over-fist to liberal politicians, now they are just funding their efforts with money from red states.  And it is no different for Perkins Coie.

It is about time that elected state AG’s like Rokita and Finch wake up and realize that this fight is hard enough without our side helping the Left.  If they don’t, maybe it is time that we demand better of them.  Because the Left is playing for keeps, with a united front, and no amount of pretending changes that fact.   

Rick Manning is president of Americans for Limited Growth. Original here. Reproduced with permission.

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