Saudi Researcher: Iran has “friends” in DC. Guess who?

Photo credit: Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain,

Abdullah bin Bijad al-Otaibi is a Saudi writer and researcher. In an October 2, 2020 interview on Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia) he claimed that the best way to establish peace is by looking to the future, and that he believes Saudi Arabia should sign a peace treaty with Israel. This was not a very popular message and helps to enforce his bona fides when discussing the threat to KSA that a nuclear Iran presents.

In an August 19, 2022 show on MBC TV (Saudi Arabia) that Iran has “friends” in Washington that worked for the Obama administration and that currently work for the Biden administration. He also claimed that former U.S. President Barack Obama believes that the U.S. should make peace with Iran and had planned to use the Arab Spring to create regimes similar to the Iranian regime in the Arab countries. He elaborated that Obama believes that the Arab countries should be handed over to Sunni terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

Want to know more?

In a recent book The Arab Spring Ruse: How the Muslim Brotherhood Duped Washington in Libya and Syria by US political writer and counter-terrorism expert John Rossomando, does just that. Rossomando has written for over a decade for a myriad of US political and counter-terrorism media outlets and newspapers. 

Rossomando uncovers a number of links between the Obama administration and the Brotherhood. Despite the book’s small size, it is heavily researched and documented with online links or citations for every incident covered in its pages. It may entice readers to read more on the subjects discussed, given the details it has exposed. 

“Few had realised how dramatically the Obama administration had altered official US government policy towards the Muslim Brotherhood until the moment US-backed Muslim Brotherhood parties made grabs for power in Egypt, Libya and Syria,” Rossomando writes. His book details the Obama administration’s changes in detail, showing how it levelled the field for the terrorist group while assisting it in grabbing power in Egypt, Libya and Syria. …

…Obama, according to Rossomando, instructed US diplomats to expand their contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood and to coordinate with it in its quest to seek power in Syria, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. Brotherhood activists controlled the narrative on events in Syria and Libya for the Obama administration and even the US media. Eventually, that controlled to directing the policies of the administration towards assisting the ascension of the Brotherhood to positions of power.  More here.