Emboldened NYC Mayor to go after legal citizens

Give them an inch and they take a mile. This is why gun registries should not exist. They will use the information to strip us of our second amendment rights. They know, as do we, that taking weapons away from the people leaves the “masses” like those in the UK and Australia, at the hands of sclerotic, corrupt leadership, desperate to cling to power by subjugating the populace.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams vowed to implement “old-fashioned policing” techniques as a statewide law on guns went into effect; saying members of the NYPD will go door-to-door to check on those with legal firearms.

Something is emboldening the Left. They really think that their witch hunt of Trump will succeed and he will go to prison. They think they will win over voters by convincing lukewarm conservatives that MAGA is bad. All this talk of “reasonable Repulicans” is a trap to lure in the faux conservatives who side with Bill Kristen, Jennifer Rubin, David From and the like.

They are making a desperate power grab before the mid-terms. Their base gets fired up over gun control and abortion. Expect to see more power moves in the “sound bite” weeks ahead.

And the governor’s in on it – even going after toys