A Tale of Two Americas: The Red Sermon vs. The Hope

The “Soul of the Nation,” or, as the Democrats call it, “Battle for the Soul of the Nation,” speech was delivered in Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, a place known as the birthplace of American democracy. It was delivered a week another speech, where he first made his divisive partisan comments to a small group of Democratic donors against “MAGA Republicans.” Many viewed this speech as an indicator of where Biden was going with his pre-mid-term election campaigning.

Biden detailed how “MAGA Republicans,” as he calls them, have sought to strip Americans of their human and civil rights, from their bodily autonomy, to their ability to vote, to their right to privacy. He said, “MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution. They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people…and they’re working right now, as I speak, in state after state…to undermine democracy itself.

As the left’s mouthpiece was forced to concede:

He could have given an inspiring speech about protecting this miracle of liberal democracy and preserving the rule of law. Trust me, everyone would recognize the contrast. Instead of talking about healing America, he could model it. Instead of scoring political points, he could transcend the bitterness.

Instead, he hit rewind on his outdated VCR and gave us an old, tired rerun. He gave us a political speech right before an election.

Meanwhile, also in Pennsylvania, Trump held a massive rally to delight the deplorable fascists of the conservative right. While Trump had words about the weaponization of the executive branch and its agencies, he spent time speaking of American values, of family, God, a safe border, energy independence, cheap gas, low inflation and he warmed the hearts of his audience by lifting up America and its people. MAGA republicans might not be a big enough voting bloc to carry a Trump presidential run – the MSM has demonized him and them in the eyes of Independents – but he is a refreshing change from the dismal Red Sermon of Joe Biden’s abortion/gender/illegal immigrant/bailout filled ramblings.

As we go into the second half of his presidency may the nation find leaders who show strong leadership in the issues that build up our nation, not tear it down.

See the difference?

As Biden’s “soul” speech spewed out against the hellish background and two lone Marine,, images of former President Jimmy Carter’s so-called “malaise” speech instantly came to mind. Americans don’t respond well to pessimism and negativity. Biden missed an opportunity to rally the troops but instead they made it about Trump who lives in their heads rent-free and prevents them from tackling the real issues of the day.

Biden was globally rebuked